This is the invitation you've been waiting for to slow down, step outside the hustle,
and gain clarity on what it is that truly matters to you - and on what comes next.
Join me for a week of recharging, releasing, remembering, and returning to present wholeness.

rest, recharge,
reconnect with your creativity
and remember your why

mini workshop with live elopement shoot
on the art of storytelling: creating from a place of inspiration, deep presence, and embodiment

heart to heart chats about intentionally creating a life and business aligned with your deepest desires

campfires, group hikes, and guided adventures

slow mornings, guided meditations and journaling prompts for grounding, clarity, and connecting with your intuition

for an intimate photography retreat on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada 

you're invited to my home!

4 nights, 5 days | february 12-16th, 2023

feel inspired and confident at every session

Increase revenue in your photography business

attract your dream clients

What if you could ...

I've been a professional photographer for 8 years, and spent the first 5 years in a state of perpetual burnout. Always chasing, pushing, reaching, and striving - until I shifted my mindset to create a business that fit AROUND my life, instead of a business that WAS my life, and watched in awe as my entire life shifted into attracting, receiving, and trusting.  Now I've spent the last 3 years mentoring other photographers on how they can  create an abundant business focused on sustainable work-life balance - how to ROOT, so you can RISE.

What if I told you - you don't have to choose between an abundant career and a slow, present, joy-filled life?

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all while working less, and playing more

photography retreat

Root to Rise

February 12-16th
Pender Harbour, BC, Canada

initial booking retainer of $650, with the balance due 7 days prior to the retreat

Unlike any workshop you've ever been to before, this is more of a "no-work" shop designed to guide you home to the foundations of your business and your life. Shining awareness onto the interconnectedness of it all. Bringing grounded clarity and inspired action for moving forward in alignment with the life you've been dreaming of.

A heart-centered weaving of rest, connection, creativity, inspiration, and remembrance.

Rooting together,

      Rising together.



What's included?

choice time to rest + integrate

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nourishing discussions about balancing life + business

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You'll also get:

mini workshop: the art of storytelling with live adventurous elopement shoot

group adventures
(hiking, campfires, kayaking, ect)


3 nourishing dinners

4 nights shared accomodationS

what you'll experience during our time together:

you'll have a map for creating and maintaining your own unique sustainable work-life balance

You'll feel confident in raising your prices & increase revenue in your business

You'll begin attracting your dream clients with ease

you'll leave feeling supported, recharged, inspired and expansive as you continue into the year ahead

After this retreat ...

I'll guide you through creating your own daily flow in a way that feels most aligned for you. We'll focus on balancing self-care and rest with productive deep work so you can work smarter, not harder.

sustainable routines for aligning your workflow & daily life

We'll cover how you can begin attracting your dream clients through branding and marketing, and how you show up online is interconnected with your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Attracting your dream clients

We'll dive into tools for connecting with your inner artistic expression, and discuss how you can draw inspiration from your own life and experiences at each session.

The art of storytelling through your unique creative perspective

You'll learn things like ...


"She uplifted me, empowered me, and loved on me through all of my self doubt. She helped me get clear on my vision of where I wanted to go, then helped develop a clear road map on how to get there! She doesn’t leave a single question unanswered. She gave me the confidence I needed and I left feeling like i could conquer anything."

"Kaylyn not only transformed my business, but my life!!!"


"Spending time with Kaylyn on the Sunshine Coast felt like coming up for air and inhaling that first breath after being underwater for a long time. It was the best decision I ever made for my business, my wellness and the way that I approach my photography. I would 1000% recommend any workshop, retreat, or mentorship that Kaylyn puts on because it’ll be so completely full of heart, inspiration, and rest."

"the best decision I ever made for my business, and my wellness"


"I struggled with business burnout, social anxiety, lack of confidence, and depressive habits. Her energy is phenomenal at creating a warm and inviting space for my rawest emotions. She helped me identify pain points head on with flowing conversations filled with empathy and understanding.  She caught on to even the little things I needed; then provided gentle tools and suggested habits to introduce healing and that’s where the magic really happened. She was, and is, my constant rock as we peel back layers I hesitate to even share with my closest family and friends."

"Kaylyn helped me find my best self from the inside out."


"Kaylyn is sunshine in human form. I’ve done both her photography mentorship and her coaching program and she truly helped change my life and my business. She provided support, her wealth of knowledge and a safe space to be real. She shares everything so authentically. I am eternally grateful for all that I have learned from her."

"I am eternally grateful"


"Kaylyn taught me everything from how to start my own photography journey, to how to attract my dream clients, to camera settings, to editing, to social media marketing, to how to bring out candid emotion. I can honestly say my mentor session with her changed my life. She taught me how to be more present. She taught me the importance of journaling and self reflection. She was so positive, and motivational. Fuelling me up every step of the way. Truly I have never ever met anyone like her... She has become my best friend.

"my mentor session changed my life"



what others are saying

I'm a goofball with a big smile who loves to laugh, travel, explore and CONNECT.
Along with my partner Darren and my two hilarious little mini-me's Cohen + Isla,  I live on the ocean in the rural community of Pender Harbour, BC.

On my days off you’ll usually find me building a beach fire with the kids, hiking and playing in the forest trails near our home, or escaping cell service and exploring dirt roads. 

I'm here to guide you back to a deep remembrance of who you are, what you want, and what lights you up.  I hold sacred space for you to integrate and embody the beautiful, unique, magnetic soul you truly are. All of you is welcome here, and I look forward to welcoming you both into my home, and home to the seat of belonging that is always within you. 

photographer, mother, and sunset chaser

Hi, I'm Kaylyn! Your mentor and new bestie.

5. is this a women's only retreat?

4. how do payments work?

3. are meals included?

2. What are the accommodation arrangements like?

1. how many attendees will there be?

This is an extremely intimate retreat with 6 attendees (+ myself + my assistant.) We intentionally designed this container so that each attendee will have time to share, to be witnessed, and to be held and supported both in group activities and individually through the week.

As this retreat is taking place in our home, accommodations are extremely limited. There will be 6 attendees, and all rooms will be shared rooms. (two attendees per room) If you and a friend would like to attend together and request that you're roomates - AMAZING! If not, I promise I'll pair you with an incredible roomie. :)

3 nourishing dinners will be provided, and on the 4th night we will have a celebratory dinner out at a local restaurant. Breakfasts and lunches are not included. You will have access to a full kitchen with a fridge for your meals + snacks throughout the retreat.

An initial booking retainer of $650 is required to book your spot. The remaining balance is due 7 days before the retreat. (Feb 5th, 2023)  All payments made are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend your ticket will be transferrable to another attendee.

While this is a women's retreat, my partner Darren will generously be helping me with some of the behind-the-scenes coordinating, and will be on the property during the retreat, while also respecting the privacy of the retreat and giving us our space. Since you know and love me, I have a strong feeling you'll love him too - he's pretty freaking incredible. With that said, I completely respect and trust your decision on whether this retreat feels aligned for you! 

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frequently asked questions

let's do this

Let's do this

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