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I'm a goofball with a big smile who loves to laugh, travel, explore and CONNECT. I'm a single mama to my two hilarious little mini-me's Cohen + Isla, and our frenchie pup Molly.

We live a few minutes from the beach and on my days off you’ll usually find me building a beach fire with the kids, 4x4ing, or hiking and playing in the forest trails behind our home. On rainy days we love to stay in our PJ’s and play cards or cozy up and watch movies in a blanket fort with a big ol' bowl of popcorn.

I live for tacos, craft beer, exploring dirt roads, trails + finding hidden gems off the beaten path. The Sunshine Coast BC is home but I travel anywhere and everywhere for the sake of LOVE. (and tacos. Let's eat all the tacos together.)

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I'm Kaylyn!

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"You captured the tiny details I was afraid I would miss.  The belly laughs, the tears, the little looks and hugs between us. It was the best day of our lives, and you captured it ALL in a tangible way we can hold onto forever." 

Every. Single. Photo. Tells a story.

- Mark + Steph